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Because Life Happens

Drivers injured in traumatic vehicle accidents. Frightened mothers with sick children. Workers experiencing cardiac arrest or elderly folks who have suffered falls. These are just a few of the people who look for help from the dedicated members of the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad.

jayAnd no matter what, we always answer the call. The Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad typically answers more than 13,000 calls a year, and staffs two stations 24/7, one located at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, and one in the heart of Great Neck. Together with the other nine all-volunteer squads in the city, the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad forms the largest volunteer-based EMS system in the nation.

To continue the high quality, free emergency medical care we have provided citizens and visitors since May 1st, 1952, we depend on the continued support of donors, and the commitment from volunteers who come to us from all walks of life and every corner of the region.

Join our team—as a supporter or a volunteer—and be a part of our proud tradition of excellent emergency care.  We are always here, because life happens.


This website is maintained by the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad.