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Where are we when we’re not on an ambulance?

We own and maintain two advanced facilities that have ambulance bays, bunks for duty crewmembers, offices for squad leaders and city EMS supervisors, and meeting rooms available for training sessions and non-profit community groups with reservations.
If you’re interesting in reserving space for your non-profit community group, please see below.

Station 14

740 Virginia Beach Boulevard
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
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Phone: 757-437-4830
Fax: 757-437-0422


Station 8

(Please send all mail to Station 14 at 740 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23451)

1243 Bayne Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
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Phone: 757-333-3365
Fax: 757-333-6115

Our state-of-the-art equipment includes:

  • 10 ALS-certified ambulances
  •  1 heavy rescue/squad truck (ALS-certified, non-transport)
  •  1 support/utility vehicle (BLS-certified, non-transport)
  •  1 support vehicle (administrative)
  •  2 medically-equipped response carts

Spaces to Reserve

Our stations have space available for your next meeting. VBVRS welcomes non-profit organizations to share our space. Check out the details, and, if interested, email our Office Manager.

Langhorne Hall, Station 8

Capacity: 80 people
Chairs: 100 folding
Tables: 8 6′ rounds
8 6′ rectangular
2 8′ rectangular
A/V equipment: Wireless microphone
DVD player
VHS player
12 speaker sound system
Ceiling-mounted projector with VGA and 2.5″ mini-jack audio connections

Charlton Hall, Station 14

Capacity: 80 people
Chairs: 100 folding
Tables: 8 6′ rounds
8 6′ rectangular
4 8′ rectangular
A/V equipment: 5-disc CD player
Computer with DVD player
5 speaker sound system with subwoofer
32 inch tv with connected DVD/VHS player
Ceiling-mounted projector with VGA and 2.5” mini-jack audio connections