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All of our members volunteer because we love giving back to the Virginia Beach community and being there when people need us most. That’s why we can’t help but share when we hear back from those we have helped.

“I would like to give a giant thank you to, Sara, Tija, and Ellen, who came to my aid after my first car accident yesterday. It was devastating and they did a wonderful job at helping me stay calm, and were very sweet and comforting. Happy new year to you all, and thanks so much, again! By the way, I am perfectly okay, no concussion or anything!”


“Hello, Im victim of an attack in the oceanfront, more specifically in the 7-11 at 24th and Pacific. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all you did for me that night. You guys do a wonderful job for people and are helping in making this world a much better place to live.”


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