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Holiday Safety Hints

Hints and Tips to See You Safely Through the Holidays

The winter holidays are coming and, while they’re a great opportunity to gather with friends and family, there is also a new set of risks.  VBVRS has compiled this list to help you avoid some common emergencies and have a truly safe and fun season.

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Black Friday
Winter Holidays
New Year’s

General Safety

There’s something to be said for the holidays, of course.  It’s a time to come together and celebrate with friends and families.  And if you do it right, you’ll have a safe and carefree winter.


The kitchen is a source for many of the dangers associated with the season. Between the cooking and preparation, the turkey can lead to burns, food-borne illness, and more.  The first tip for safety: wash your hands.  This simple technique can drastically reduce the spread of bacteria.  Likewise any surfaces involved in food preparation should be cleaned beforehand.  Be sure to monitor the internal temperature of the turkey during cooking.

To avoid burns and scalding, anyone working near the stove should wear short sleeves, or sleeves that are more fitted than loose. Place pot holders, dish and paper towels away from the burners, at a distance of at least three feet, to prevent something from catching on fire. Turning pot and pan handles inward will also help prevent accidents in which hot liquids spill and burn or scald the skin. One way to prevent fire is to never leave cooking food completely unattended, and the house should never be empty while food is cooking. Another area of concern is driving. To avoid driving when post-meal drowsy, people should wait several hours before getting back on the road. If drinking, driving should be avoided entirely.

Black Friday

What can we say about Black Friday? You can’t beat the savings, but the deals are so good sometimes things can get a little unsafe… Carrying too many bags may also prove dangerous.  If possible, leave children at home: they’re much less excited about the savings than you are.  The crowds can also be overwhelming, and there more opportunities for a child to become hurt or lost. If you must bring a child, always keep eyes on them.

Winter Holidays

Fire can play a large role in many winter holidays.  Decorative lights have the potential to cause fires, so they should be checked for damage before use.  Over-plugging in extension cords or outlets is also a common cause of electrical fires. If a live Christmas tree is used, be sure to water it: you don’t need any more firewood around.  As an extension of this, move the tree away from the fireplace or candles.

Recall Thanksgiving food preparation tips for these holidays as well.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s is a time for celebration, but that doesn’t mean we can forget about safety.  Injuries are often associated with lack of sleep and/or alcohol consumption.  If you’re going to a party, plans should be made beforehand on how to get home.  Think about taxis, designated drivers, or even not drinking.  We’re all happy to ring in a new year, but play it smart and you’ll get to do it again next year.